My track record at council

Our next council will be mostly brand new no matter who gets elected. Most members of the previous council aren’t running this year, a big change is guaranteed to happen. With mostly new faces at council, I will be the only member to have served for the last 8 years. Unlike my opponents, I alone will have a true understanding of the organization and complexities of running our growing town. I have a depth of knowledge that would be a huge asset to our next council.

I oversaw a council divided against itself. Some seemed hell-bent on being disruptive and disrespectful. Despite some challenging exchanges between council members, I proved myself steadfast in my calmness and remained cool under pressure. I always brought council to a decision and a final vote on every single issue debated. Most motions passed unanimously.

Despite the difficult waters I navigated, we did accomplish some truly great things. We erased years of accumulated deficits. Built solid and stable reserves. And adopted a 5 year plan to provide for consistent and controlled budgeting.

Our roads are in good shape, we have been steadily chipping away at the infrastructure renewal backlog. We are doing well, as long as we keep at it. The Second Avenue work is progressing well. Once the work is completed over the next year, residents will no longer have to play chicken when they drive by the funeral home. Transit has seen a huge spike in ridership since we began implantation of the new transit plan. Lion’s Sport Park, stalled for many years is now complete. Looking towards the future, I’m glad to see even my opponents support my call to build an indoor sports dome, one funded by user fees to save your tax dollars.

I remained true to my pledge to not support budget growth. I did not support our last budget, it was too high. I am fiscally conservative by nature. One need look no further than my election signs, many refurbished and reused from the last election. I can guarantee you my campaign budget will be as lean, as my opponents budget’s are bloated and overspent.

In my first year on County council, my motion passed saving tax payers a million dollars that was to be given away to our provincially funded health care system. The money was easily raised in a few short months by donations from those who were happy to donate. This is an example of how I always strive to lower taxes and stay away from some of the wasteful practices that have become so common in government.

Can I guarantee lower taxes? No, I never have. But I have and I do guarantee to always fight to spend less. The mayor gets one vote. If you want to see smaller budgets, support candidates that feel the same.

Jeremy D Williams


A little about me

Born in Toronto, I grew up in the nearby Hockley Valley, moving to Orangeville proper in 1992. Educated at the University of Waterloo where in 1986 I met my future wife Donna. We have four amazing kids, Michael, Patrick, Thomas and Kathleen. I’ve been in business for myself most of my life, following in the footsteps of my father. I run an asset management company, which owns and oversees property throughout Orangeville. I enjoy spending time with my family and in the winter months can be found most weekends at a hockey arena as I’m on the bench for my son’s hockey team. In the summer I coach soccer and formed the Rattlers special needs soccer program in 2005.

My father Stewart Williams served on nearby Adjala council for many years, allowing me an ‘inside’ view of how councils work long before I was elected.

My mom is a senior who lives in Orangeville, making me familiar with the needs of seniors. My eldest son is special needs, which gives me a unique perspective on what families with special needs members have to deal with on a daily basis.

As councillor I served on 11 committees, chaired 8 and was vice chair of our Parks and Recreation committee. I helped to bring back Crime Stopper’s to Dufferin County, build Orangeville’s ‘Communities in Bloom’ and led the creation of this area’s first Sports Council. I serve on the board of directors for Orangeville Hydro as one of two voting members and I’m president of ORDC, Orangeville’s 54km railway. As mayor, I represent our town at the County level as a councillor for the County of Dufferin. As chair of the Orangeville Police Service Board I oversaw the transition away from the former adversarial relationship with the Police Association into one where we work together to build the best Police service in the province.

As former chair of Orangeville's trail committee, I supported needed expansion with access to 6.6kms of Island Lake trails and over 1,000 metres of new trail within Orangeville. 2 vital bridge links were also completed. Amelia to ODSS and Victor Large area to Maywood park. I’m especially proud of Orangeville’s adoption of a 5 year future budget plan, a first in the county of Dufferin and something I have pushed for since the last election. Our budget has been essentially frozen at zero percent annual real growth after inflation and assessment growth, providing residents with stability and a no-surprises budgeting process. Orangeville’s finances have also been turned around with a strong year to year growth of our reserves and the elimination of decades of accumulated deficits. Our transit system has grown into one that provides residents efficient transportation, with new full size buses added to provide the first two-way bus service along Broadway.

But more than anything, I’m committed to rolling up my sleeves and working hard to make Orangeville better and keeping taxes under control. That means being here and putting in the hours. I’ve been here full time for our citizens since the first day I took the oath of office in 2010 as your councillor. With your continued support, I’ll continue to be just as committed and hard working for you.

It’s Time.